September 2020 baby room discounts

Goodbye, summer! Welcome autumn! Schools and kindergartens are reopening, although the confusion, fear and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are still in the air. In the last months, we, like the little ones, were constrained by too many restrictions. We feel the need to leave these things behind and resume everything with hope and confidence.

But is it possible? From all sides, we are warned that the danger has not passed. And you, as a parent, know that you have to be responsible, to be even more careful now with the choices you make for your child and your family.

We are still with you and that is why in September we are offering you special prices for dozens of products meant to sweeten this whole still uncertain period.

Take advantage of the discounts, see what you can check off the shopping list for your baby or child, what other ideas could bring added value to your home, for the parent-child relationship and for a harmonious growth of the little one. Most importantly: don't forget to spend quality time with your child.

Everything passes, including these discounts that expire on September 30, but what remains is the warm relationship you have with your little one and all the important things you place from now on as the foundation for his good growth.

Here is what I prepared for you in the first month of autumn.

Discounts Baby Crib Mattresses

discounts baby cot mattresses

Now you have a 20% discount on mattresses for babies . If you are expecting a baby soon and his crib is not yet ready, take advantage of this month's discounts and solve the problem of the mattress as well. As it happens to you too, if you sleep on a good mattress, you rest better, but if the mattress does not match your sleeping style, the days are compromised from the first hours of the morning. The mattresses we have prepared for you are specially designed for babies. They are made of selected, multi-layered materials, quality compositions, fine details and safety.

Discounts for Babynest Baskets

discounts babynest room for the baby

Babynest offers the baby a comfortable and pleasant place to sleep. The baby sleeps more peacefully, so the parents will also be more peaceful. You can use the babynest when the baby sleeps between you, in your bed, in the crib, in the cradle or in the stroller. Babynest is a basket type mattress with high and soft edges, which offers a comfortable and narrow sleeping area. It is perfect for newborns, up to the age of 4 - 6 years. In addition, the babynest helps the child to learn more easily to sleep in his bed.

It is also perfect for travel, so that the little one can feel at home anywhere. The Babynests we offer you are produced in-house with the greatest care for babies. They are delicate, soft, pleasant to the touch, with safe elements for the protection of infants. They are practical, have handles for transport and are made exactly to the size of babies.

The edges of the nest basket are soft, so that you or another adult can maintain permanent visual contact with the little one. Also, the edges are soft enough so that you can breastfeed the baby when it is in the bassinet, if you wish to do so. Any baby should be able to nestle in a soft and safe babynest, perfect for a peaceful sleep.

We are happy to offer you a 15% discount in September on any Annebebe babynest.

Discounts Baby & Newborn Pillows

newborn baby pillows

Don't have a baby pillow yet? The pillows we propose are specially designed to prevent head deformation in small children, a very common problem. Some babies develop a preference for sleeping on their left or right, and this can influence the shape of their growing head. Because the little ones sleep many hours a day, even if they sit face up, the head can easily fall back.

In September, buy a pillow for babies with a 15% discount and leave these worries aside. In addition, our pillows are so comfortable that they will help your baby to have a good, uninterrupted sleep.

Nanan Clothing Discounts

discount nanan clothes

Is it getting close to meeting your baby? Do you already have a baby in the first months and he is growing almost like a Fat-Handsome and yesterday's clothes are starting to be small? Or maybe you want to complete the small child's wardrobe with new clothes for the autumn-winter season. Come see our 20% off Nanan collection. Click on the banner above.

Discounts on Cot Sets and Baby Cot Linens

bed sets and bedding discounts

For bed sets and linens, in September you have a 20% discount. Choose 3-piece bedding for the crib, set of protective guards, mini-quilt for the cold season. We have blue underwear for boys, pink for girls and white or perfect underwear for both boys and little princesses. Many models are decorated with teddy bears, bows and other decorative details that make them ideal for the universe of small children.

Canopy discounts

canopy discounts

Another product included in the list of Annebebe special discounts in September is the canopy. You have a 30% discount for any canopy model and we guarantee that you will have plenty to choose from. Protect your baby from flies and mosquitoes in the fall that inevitably enter any room. Create a place for him to sleep as quietly as possible, away from factors that could interrupt his peaceful sleep.

Discounts Organizers and Blankets

discounts on organizers and blankets for the baby's room

When you have a child, organization becomes even more important. Avoid chaos and stress, having everything you need at hand, every time. It's amazing how much an extra wardrobe or a storage box placed in a strategic place in the baby's room can sometimes help you. In September, we offer you 20% on organizers and blankets.

Because the cold season is approaching, a warm mini-blanket can protect the baby from cold and discomfort. Prepare ahead of time.

Maternity Bags Discounts

maternity bags baby room discounts

From the moment you become a mother, a light bulb of care and responsibility lights up, so you can no longer leave the house as you did before. Did you get the napkins? The exchanges? Water bottle? The blanket? An extra jacket? His favorite plus? The book you want to leaf through a little more? And when you think that you're just crossing the street for 30 minutes in the park with your baby. Look, in September we offer you a 30% discount on bags for mothers. They are roomy, multi-compartmented, but elegant and easy to match.

Discounts Molding Frames, Roto Frames and Photo Albums

frames and photo albums for the baby's camera

In the first years of the baby, you may discover that you suddenly become very busy - the toys, the food, the dressing-undressing, the crib, the daily routine, the challenges of each week's growth of the little one. You are a true heroine.

But, don't let these moments pass without capturing them in a few photos that you will be able to keep for the rest of your life. Autumn is a perfect time to take photos with a beautiful contrast, in forests, parks and gardens with rusty leaves, in spectacular settings with acorns, chestnuts, orange pumpkins, fruits and vegetables. Go to the end and choose some mock-up frames, photo albums and photo frames for the most beautiful photo projects. You have a 20% discount in September. Click here .

Discounts Cars and Tricycles

tricycles and cars, the baby's room

The outdoor fun season is open, so you have every reason to order a tricycle or a car for the movement of small children and for their fun. All the vehicles for babies that we propose are safe, have varied colors and multiple interactive elements. Turn a monotonous walk into one with a smile, every time. See the discounts with 20% discount for tricycles and cars.

Ready. These are the best discounts we offer you in September. They are varied and necessary for you or your baby. Catch the promotions that interest you, save and bring new solutions to your life as a new parent.

We wish you a wonderful autumn, with beautiful time spent with your baby!