Sarabanda, one of the most famous Italian brands of clothes and accessories for children, is waiting for you at

Sarabanda emphasizes comfort and quality, so that the little ones can feel themselves in the outfits they wear, in the long term.

Top quality clothes and accessories from Sarabanda and

If you want a series of practical clothes, everyday or for special occasions, you can consider the items from the Sarabanda brand which are based on sustainability.

The clothes are carefully designed using modern techniques so that they enjoy fine seams, soft and comfortable materials, under the motto - "Each child is a treasure of value that inspires at every step".

Camerabebelusului offers parents and children the opportunity to express their personality through the new Sarabanda collection, which includes both clothes for girls and boys, for relaxing days when they go for a walk or shopping with their parents, but also elegant clothes for occasions . Thus, you will find dresses with frills for girls, elegant linen and cotton waistcoats and trousers for boys, shiny practical bags for storing your own accessories, etc.

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The history of the Sarabanda brand

The Sarabanda story began in 2004 under the motto of the largest Italian manufacturer of clothes and accessories for children - Miniconf.

Due to the motivation and strong research that is the basis of building a reputation on the market, Sarabanda wants to be close to parents and the needs of the family by selling quality products, made after extensive market studies and with top technologies, that anyone can afford at the most affordable prices.

Also, the company is actively involved in social causes, but also supports the health of the environment by reducing the waste of material resources and using quality materials with high durability.

Thus, all the people involved in the technological process, from creation to sale, play an important role in the presence of the brand on the market.

The collection of clothes and accessories has a specific theme in focus, but does not omit the need of parents and the desire of children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years, to be in trends everywhere by the possibility of creatively combining Sarabanda items in different outfits.