Have you ever wondered how babies see Christmas?

A Christmas in a new formula of three is something magical, especially if you are a parent for the first time. The baby's first gurgle in an atmosphere that exudes love, peace and warmth, gives you the feeling that you did things the right way. And even if he can't call you by name or thank you like a big man does, his gestures, facial expressions and hand and foot movements are a form of response in his characteristic style. They are small gestures that make us happy and that help us enjoy together the most beautiful time of the year, a confirmation from the most sincere beings on the Planet that we are predestined to be the best version of ourselves for the most priceless miracles of the world.

But what does the baby who only feels the joy of Santa Claus dream about? If you also used to tell your baby how you proposed to spend the holidays this year, how you will decorate the house, how you will decorate the tree, how Santa Claus will come to him for the first time, surely your baby has already his own wish list. We can only guess what the baby dreams of receiving as a gift for the first Christmas, but we are firmly convinced that whatever gift you choose from the Baby Room, the little one will surely be extremely happy with the choice made.

We are here to help you with some nice and carefully created gift ideas for your baby, which will turn into the best friends of his childhood.

The most spectacular baby Christmas gifts

Because we are dedicating this Christmas to them, I know that you will give yourself body and soul to find the best gift idea, carefully tailored, from quality materials, so that the little one does not just enjoy a simple holiday gift. We offer you safe gifts, certified by the European quality authorities in the safety and health of the child, gifts that will integrate perfectly in a harmony accompanied by carols and good cheer. Here are the options available to you.

Christmas themed clothes

The first days, the first months, the first Christmas, all are moments that every parent wants to immortalize and add to the family album.
With or without a scheduled session in a photography studio, every baby wants to be coquettish and to be transformed into Santa's most beautiful elf, with the most beautiful clothes.

Therefore, in the Baby's Room, clothes of all kinds are waiting for them, made of precious materials, delicate to the touch and pleasant to the baby's skin, which will keep them warm and give them a festive air, perfect for family photos.

Night lights and lamps

Parents are babies' warmest light. But for the moments when they feel the need of a friend next to them or a pleasant atmosphere, which will give them extra security during a peaceful sleep, we have prepared some nice lamps, 2 in 1, lamps in the shape of bears and lamps that will light up the baby's room without causing discomfort and without disturbing him when the sleep is deeper than ever.
Thus, the baby will find in his cute lamp/light a reliable friend who watches over his journey to the land of dreams.

Toys for colic

Even babies love toys, especially if they are suitable for their needs. Of course, a baby will not perceive the idea of ​​a toy train, a LEGO, etc. because age allows him to discover the world of toys with small steps. But toys for colic will be a formidable approach to their tender body in a moment of suffering, which will not only alleviate the child's discomfort, but at the same time will offer more peace to the parents.

These toys are completely safe, with a mechanism that allows them to be heated in the microwave so that, when the baby takes such a toy in his arms, his tummy will be soothed by the heat it gives off. And at the same time, he will be a fluffy friend with whom he can share his dreams, emotions, the happiness of having a good friend until old age.


Children constantly discover the joy of playing and explore the world as you would never have imagined. The carousels help them get to know the sounds, the movements of the surrounding things, thus stimulating their perception.

Carousels with teddy bears are a real pleasure for babies, stimulating their development with small steps, at the level of perception from the first moments of life. They are made of plush bears with durable and friendly materials, so they are easy to maintain in the long term.

In other words, there are many toys and accessories that you can give your baby, without worrying about their compatibility with the baby's young age and needs.

At Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului, we make every effort to bring directly to your door all the gift ideas that the baby has collected on the wish list.