Cot for baby

The birth of a newborn is a moment of joy for the whole family. Parents are the ones who, in addition to joy, have an amalgam of emotions, feelings and questions. They want to create a perfect space for the little one and this is absolutely normal. And like any stage in the life of a newborn, the choice of crib is important. Why do we have to take a cot? What is it useful for?

Well, they are normal questions that any parent asks, questions that can be answered in the article below.

The little one's bed is very important because he will spend a good part of the first months of his life sleeping, and the quiet sleep of the little one not only means a harmonious development of him, but also peace for the parents.

Baby cot utility

In the top of the recommendations of pediatricians and pediatric organizations of the places where the newborn should sleep when we arrive with him from the maternity ward is the cot, be it fixed or foldable.

The fact that the baby does not sleep in the same bed as the parents reduces the risk of sudden death in sleep by up to 50% according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The safety and comfort of the baby are priority. That is why, in the top of preferences, there are wooden cots , the rigid ones with a long resistance. One of its benefits is that it helps you organize yourself more easily, having storage spaces and drawers. They can be positioned both down and on the side, practical, where you can put the change of clothes, toys, etc.

Moreover, you can even choose a model with various accessories, toys, lights or carousels, all of which are meant to keep the little one busy and make him enjoy spending time in his crib. You can also go for one with a swing system. It is known that babies love to be rocked and this type of crib is ideal for when the baby needs to be soothed.

Many baby beds are more and more versatile, having the possibility of being transformed. They can easily become normal beds or a playpen. Of course, changing the height allows you to create a safe space for the little one.

Beds can also be foldable if you think about the space you have to allocate to such furniture. And the latter has several advantages, among which is the fact that you can easily move it to any room where you carry out your activity and the child can be supervised. Although there are also models for 0-12 months, most parents prefer the 0-36 months (or 48 months) for the multitude of advantages.

Besides the fact that it has a longer use, it also has other advantages: changing table, a removable side, etc. Thus there will be a longer benefit and more things in one. It also has a simple but safe structure and can be used from the first days of the baby up to the age of 3 or 4 years depending on the weight of the child.

Baby cot benefits

The folding cot usually has several facilities that we must keep in mind, namely:

- wheels with the possibility of locking so that it can be easily handled,

- removable changing table,

- bag for transport,

- adjustable height in different steps, depending on the age of the child,

- foldable sleeping mattress,

- the textile material allows air circulation.

The diversity of cots available in physical or online stores can be confusing, but with patience and taking into account your budget, the place of the cot and the accessories you want, you will definitely be able to make the right choice for both your baby and you and your home your. See our updated offers in the store.