The transition from diapers to the potty is an important step in the child's growth process. The parents feel lucky that they will finally no longer have to change diapers, but it is possible that the little one is not as excited about the idea, therefore, the phenomenon must be thought through meticulously.

From what age can we use the potty?
It is essential that at the time of the transition from diapers to the potty, the baby is physically and morally prepared for this change. The positive results appear, in general, after the age of one and a half years, reaching the peak around the age of 2-3 years. When the baby hesitates to let go in the diaper and they start signaling through different states that they need the potty, it's time to put the plan into practice.

How do we prepare for the potty?

When you intend to turn the potty into an object, the secret is repetition. The child will certainly not get used to it after the first use, therefore, it is important to explain how and what it is used for, play with it and make a "simulation" of the process. To familiarize himself with it, he can use it even dressed, as a chair. The success of this approach will never come if you force the child, but only if things flow naturally.

How do we turn the potty into a routine?

So that going to the potty is not just a temporary practice, a lot of consistency is needed. This habit must be included in the daily schedule of the little one so that he understands that he is not a passenger. Success will be seen after a period of several consecutive days in which the baby goes to the potty. Most of the time, after this period, you will notice that he will be embarrassed when he wets the diaper or even asks to go to the potty. Then it's time to say goodbye to diapers and move on to children's underwear!

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