Surely, many parents have heard the myth that the first 6 months of a baby's life are the hardest. However, this statement is completely wrong.

The difficulty comes not when the baby is immobile and completely dependent on the care of the parents, but when the little one starts to pull at the breast, move and put everything in its mouth.

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How the challenges change with the development of the little ones

In the first weeks of life, babies are completely dependent on the care of their parents. This can be a tiring time, but it cannot be compared to the challenges that the baby's rapid development brings. As they develop their muscles and improve their coordination, babies start to move more and explore the world around them.

This period can be challenging for parents as they have to constantly monitor their little one and make sure they are safe.

In addition, as the baby begins to suckle, eat and drink from a bottle, other challenges can arise. This is where the strain parents feel comes in, as they have to adjust to the baby's feeding schedule and ensure that it gets the nutrition it needs.

Also, when the baby begins to put everything in his mouth, parents must make sure that the objects with which the little one interacts are safe and do not pose a danger to his health.

The challenges of parents in the first months of a baby's life

Although the first 6 months of a baby's life can be tiring, it is also the time when parents can form strong emotional bonds with their little ones.

From the first weeks of life, babies begin to smile and respond to social interaction. This can be extremely rewarding for parents and can help create a strong emotional bond between them and their little ones.

It is important to note that every parent's experiences are different and what may be easy for some may be difficult for others. It is important not to compare experiences and to be open and empathetic to the experiences of others.

In general, the period of growth and development of a child is a complex and challenging one, but it is also one full of rewards and joys.