Changing table/chest purchase guide

Do you know that newborns need about 12 diaper changes a day? If so, imagine how much you will use the changing table and what help a well-chosen table can offer you.

Do you want to choose the right one? We invite you to take a virtual walk through this article and through the offer of changing tables/commodes in our store. In the end, you will know exactly what you need. We will help you consider the baby's room, where you will place the table and how you will use it efficiently.


We start with some essential questions

Is the changing table critical? - Not. But, it is extremely practical.

How long you will be able to use it: 6 - 12 months for a small baby; another 3-4 years for other activities

Should you buy it before the baby is born? - Yes.

Alternatives for the changing table.

It is not critical to have a changing table in the baby's room. You can configure your own diaper changing place - it is important to find a flat and stable surface, as well as a comfortable mattress. This means that if you already bought a chest of drawers for your first child, you can also use it to improvise a changing table. Of course, you can also change diapers on the bed or on the floor (of course, don't expect these measures to be as comfortable as when you use an actual changing table).


Why should you take into account when ordering the changing table?

Babies grow fast, they wriggle and are ready to go on new adventures rather than sitting still for you to change their diapers. Therefore, it is critical to make sure that you will have everything you need at hand when changing the baby.

The current recommendation is to never leave the baby unattended on the changing table. Even if there are now models that come with safety belts for babies, you still shouldn't leave the baby alone on the changing table, at height.

Let's get to the point - changing diapers can be a "smelly" thing. And sometimes that smell lingers in a room for quite some time. Therefore, we recommend you look for a room with good ventilation, close to a garbage can, with few distractions for the baby and enough space to have everything you need close at hand (only if you reach out to reach what you need) .

What to pay attention to:

Where will you change the baby?

- in the baby's room - changing tables are not only perfect for changing diapers. They are also useful when you dress the baby or when you prepare him for bed, when you give him a massage, etc. If the changing table is upstairs, you might be running up and down all day - you'll be surprised to discover how quickly the bin fills up with dirty nappies if you don't empty it regularly.

- in the bathroom - this is a good place in terms of ventilation and has the advantage of being close to the bathtub or shower. Sometimes, the temperature can be lower than in the rest of the house and you will have to remember to bring clothes to wear there.

- anywhere in the house. If you have a big house, you can buy a changing table with wheels where you can have all the essentials - diapers, creams, changing clothes and napkins. You will thus have the freedom to change the baby wherever you want and wherever it is needed. Also, if you have a large house or a house with two floors, it is worth considering the purchase of two changing tables - one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Or, you can buy an extra changing mat for one of the levels.

Baby changing table style

Baby turns from side to side, and diapers are filled often - will your changing table be close at hand? You must always keep one hand on the baby when changing him. Therefore, think carefully about where you will place the changing table.

changing table with tub

Why to keep in mind:

Do you easily reach diapers, wipes and lotions (with one hand)?

- changing tables with drawers are wonderful because they allow you to easily store everything in an upper drawer, close at hand.

- changing tables with open shelves are just as practical because they allow you to have everything you need close at hand, without taking a hand from the baby.


Does the changing table have enough storage space for additional things?

- you will have to place several diapers at hand each time. For this, make sure that the space offered by the table is sufficient.

changing mat

Measured durability to wrap

The changing table will be one of the most used items of furniture for the baby, especially if you will have more than one child. With a little attention, you can choose a very durable coffee table for the first time, which will last you for many years.

Why take into account?

Is the table easy to clean?

- the removable mattress or cover or the removable cover means you can wash the table easily

Do you have a small child nearby?

- Make sure that he cannot easily reach the creams and lotions that you keep close to change the baby.


Think in perspective

- You can choose a changing table that can be transformed after you no longer need it for changing diapers into a practical chest of drawers for the older child, a desk or even an artist's easel.

Safe to use

There are no very clear standards regarding changing tables, but the essential recommendation is to always take care of the baby when you change him, to avoid unwanted accidents.

- the changing table should be robust and solid, with lateral protections against overturning

- you shouldn't have any catching objects nearby where the little one can get a finger or a leg stuck

baby changing mat

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