Something got in my eye!

We all know that you tried to stay calm throughout your wife's pregnancy, to give the impression that you are in control of the situation. However, even she saw the tear from the corner of her eye, when you held your child in your arms for the first time.

If, until now, you were afraid of other babies, and you were afraid to take them in your arms because they seemed too fragile, you couldn't wait to hold yours. And, you've been waiting for this since you were in your mother's womb!

You always knew she would be the mother of your children. Every time you saw her running around baptisms after mothers who asked her to let her hold their babies, you saw how much she wanted a child and you saw what a wonderful mother she would be. You knew that the moment would come sometime, and, lo and behold, it did!

daddy sleeps with baby

Do you remember how you got the news?

You both want a child very badly. And she put some toy slippers for you in a box, which, if you struggled a little, you put them on your fingers. You didn't even realize what this gift was at first, but when you realized it, your eyes started to sparkle.

You started to laugh and scream with happiness. You punched the air as if your favorite team had won the match. But, this time, it was more than a simple match! It was the most important moment in your life! From daddy!

" If it's a boy, I'll teach him to play soccer and we'll go fishing together ." "If it's a girl, I'll teach her to be independent, I'll spend a lot of time with her, I'll treat her as if she were a princess, because I want her to know in the future that she deserves the best ." You were making plans, even before you knew what would happen and you knew in advance that you would love him, or you would love her with all your heart.

daddy feeds baby
However, you never imagine how overwhelming everything will be! In order to play football, or play princess, you must first change a few diapers , walk the child through the park and renovate a room for the new arrival. So, the calculation at home did not exactly match what happened after the baby was born.

The first months of being a dad

father puts the baby to sleep

Maybe, as a man, you haven't been very handy with children so far, but with yours, things will be different. You will quickly get over the fact that the baby seems tiny and fragile, and the more you interact with him, the more natural everything will become.

In the first months of the baby's life, you will have to give your interest a lot, and help your wife as best you can, because she went through a more difficult period. You have probably seen with your own eyes the nausea, the back pain, the leg pain, the fatigue, and then the birth. So, it goes without saying that your wife would also need a well-deserved break...pause!

father feeds the baby

As much as possible, try to be with him as best you can. Get actively involved in raising and caring for the little one, and, when you know you can, offer help and support. A new member of the family may seem quite difficult to manage, so it depends on both of you to make the family work even after the arrival of the baby.

Communication between mom and dad will lead to success!

father is holding the baby
Now that someone else has appeared, it's difficult to go back to your old life. Everyone will have to take a little time out of their time for both the child and the partner. So, be careful not to forget to communicate, if you don't want frustrations to arise.

Talk to each other about the fatigue you feel. Establish a state schedule together with the baby, so that each of you has time for him, and, if you have the opportunity, sometimes call on family and friends, when you would like to take a break and stay just you two!

A baby can only unite a family more. However, it also depends on you how you manage things. Always communicate your thoughts and help each other to keep the balance in the family.

The baby's room - the place where dad had a lot of work

daddy changes diapers

The first "problems" started appearing even before the baby was born. And now you remember how worried you were. "I have to take care, he'll just need a room to sleep, right?".

Months of team work followed, in which you painted the walls, and she painted them beautifully and colored them, so that they would be more friendly. In which you set up the baby furniture and she carefully put clean linens in the crib and carefully ironed and packed all the clothes in the closets. In which you put new parquet or carpet, and she made sure that everything is perfectly cleaned, so that the baby reaches an environment where there are no microbes.

daddy diapers

Now that you see him in his crib, sleeping peacefully, everything seems to have passed. But, you still chuckle sometimes, when you remember how difficult it was to assemble all the things that now surround you. When you think about it now, you realize how much you upset your wife when you told her that you had to drill more holes in the boards, because those who sent the crib didn't do enough.

With a belly that was about to explode, he looked at you and didn't know whether to cry or laugh! She didn't know what to do, not even when you came to her happily and told her that in the box in which the changing table came, you received more screws than you had to use. This, before you realize that you did not mount it properly!

happy father and baby

But everything passed in the end, and the place where mommy and daddy worked hard to make it look gorgeous, has now become the child's home and, soon, it will also become his first playground! So, there are enough reasons to be happy! Or, rather, only one is your reason for joy, but it is the most important!

What must a father do if he wants to be PERFECT?

father feeds the baby

Do not think that your wife is the master of the situation! Although she seems to be an expert in handling babies, but also in reading the thoughts of upset children, in reality she also has the heart of a flea every time the little one has a cold, fever or cries. Maybe it seems to you that you can't handle it, that the baby cries when you hold it in your arms or even when you look at it or talk to it, but in reality it's not like that!

Maybe your baby doesn't know how to speak yet, but he knows that neither you nor your wife have faced this before. He knows that you will get used to him, just as he gets used to you. If you want to be a "perfect" dad, just act as natural as possible.

father and newborn

For the baby to grow up nicely, it will need, first of all, some relaxed parents. So, no matter how difficult it may seem, sometimes, show the little one that you feel comfortable around him, so that he feels comfortable around you.

A perfect father, he only has to love his family, and the rest will come by itself. So, don't let your worries overwhelm you in any way, and stay with your wife and child. Offer them support when you have the strength to do so, but don't forget to make time for yourself from time to time. A family is not a reason to feel stressed, but a reason to enjoy life!

new baby in the family