Can you imagine that time can pass so quickly?

It's like yesterday you found out you're pregnant and you're still wondering when your belly will start growing. In the meantime, you hardly managed to blink two or three times and you ended up not being able to do much because of your abdomen, which now looks like a ball that is about to explode!

Time passes quickly! And, just as quickly, the remaining months will pass, even if, from now on, it will seem to you that "you are moving in slow motion". From the seventh month until the end of pregnancy, your belly will grow the most, and therefore, all activities will seem difficult to do.

diary of the seventh month of pregnancy

What will the seventh month of pregnancy be like?

If until now, you could manage alone in any situation, from this month, you will either give up shoes with laces, or you will start asking for help. When a baby is "attached" to you, which has a "house" that makes your abdomen bigger than a watermelon, everything seems difficult!

From now on, you will hold things tighter in your hands, for fear of dropping them, because you also know that now it is almost impossible to bend down and pick up objects from the floor. The belly is now so big, like almost any basic task, it is extremely difficult and...long. Since you will be moving harder and harder, you will look for all kinds of more convenient positions to carry out activities or objects that will make your tasks easier.

Because at this moment, the belly is big enough that you can no longer see your legs if you look from above, now you can only do the pedicure at the salon. And the version in which you manage alone, exists only if you are a gymnast to perform. Even getting dressed can't really take place without a long enough shoe, and the simple task of changing your pajama clothes into day clothes can make you run out of air from so much effort.

the seventh month of pregnancy

To make everything even more "thrilling", you must know that, from now on, it is possible that there will be problems related to keeping the balance. Since one of the effects of pregnancy, existing in the last months, is that you will gain a lot of weight, it will be almost impossible for your body to adapt to this sudden change. So, the belly will not only not let you bend over, but will also make you lose your balance.

Don't be discouraged, though! Maybe it seems frustrating now that you can't do much, but in the following months, you'll laugh profusely at how ridiculous it was that, besides the fact that sometimes you struggled for maybe 20 minutes to pick up something that fell on the floor, sometimes more and you fell when you were close to succeeding!

Fatigue, I'm so sorry you came back to me!

7th month of pregnancy
Do you remember what the first months of pregnancy were like? Whatever you had, however interesting it might have been and whatever time it might have taken place, Santa Ene, he would come to your eyes and do it in such a way as to send you to bed. All that fatigue had become frustrating, but, luckily for you, that state had not lasted that long.

Unfortunately, however, from the seventh month until the end, someone appears again in your life. Any idea who? Exactly, fatigue!

Because the weight is not evenly distributed, and the largest proportion is in the abdomen area, your body will feel as if you are permanently carrying a large and heavy bag in your arms. Which will tire him terribly. All this weight will be "carried" by your legs, which were once thin and very beautiful.

Now, however, because of the weight, probably most of the time, they will be swollen and in some places even painful, there is a possibility that this pregnancy will leave you with some varicose veins, if you have to stand for a long time.

About contractions and how they shouldn't scare you!

If in the sixth month you still did not feel anything, it is more than certain that, from the seventh month, contractions of the uterus began to appear. These contractions are called, in medical terms, Braxton-Hicks contractions, and they do nothing but prepare you for the big event.

They are perfectly normal, as long as they are not accompanied by any kind of pain. And, it behaves in the following way - first, at the level of the uterine musculature, a contraction of greater or lesser intensity occurs, and then the relaxation of these muscles follows. If everything goes like this and there is no discomfort or pain, they are totally normal, and there is no need to scare you.

The need to go to the bathroom more often returns!

Since the baby has "renovated" its house in the last two months, and made it bigger, you should know that standing for a longer period of time will put pressure on the lower part of your body.

The pressure will also exist in the bladder, so, starting with the seventh month and until the end, the need to go to the bathroom more often, which bothered you in the first months of pregnancy, will reappear.

What does the baby do in the belly?

In the seventh month, the belly continues to grow, and, along with it, the child also grows. It is a month in which the little one fills up with more and more energy and moves more and more.

At the same time, it is the month when the ears get to develop more, and the baby becomes able to hear more and more things. He can recognize your voice and can now listen to your heartbeat, so tell him stories and talk to him a lot, because it's not just a coincidence that he becomes calmer when he hears your voice!

At the same time, the nervous system of the little one will continue to develop rapidly, as well as other organs or parts of the body. There are big changes including in the eyes, after this month, the little one being able to blink.

Also, the habit of sucking his finger becomes very loved and practiced by the baby. In addition to this, the sleep schedule created is also respected with sanctity, and the little one has both periods in which he sleeps and in which he stays awake.

As for the emotional state in which you will be in the last months, things could get complicated. The "need to make a nest" may increase, but the fact that the belly is getting bigger may slow you down quite a bit, and that could frustrate you.

Don't forget, however, that the baby's greatest need is to have a quiet mother when it comes into the world. Any sign of mother's agitation or displeasure will make him feel uncomfortable too! So, forget for a second that you haven't completely decorated the little one's room, that maybe you still need to buy him some things and that maybe you haven't read everything you want to read about babies!

The little one needs the most an emotionally stable mother, who can give him the necessary attention. So, listen to your body when it tells you it's tired, and rest enough, even if you still have a lot to do! There will be time for everything, even if you choose to relax or even sleep a little more!

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