Baby is coming!

The ninth month of pregnancy is about preparing the details related to the birth itself, but also the moment when the little one will be brought home, in his new home.

This month might catch you very stressed. Because of the excitement, especially if it is the first child and it is a new experience for you, it is possible to try to set up a lot of things. More than likely, you want the little one's new room to look flawless, the clothes to be all ironed and packed to the stripe, and the house to shine from one corner to the other.

The belly, on the other hand, will not give you the chance to do all these things without getting very tired. So, if it happens that things are not or do not look as you would like, do not let this affect you. You will see, anyway, that when the little one is born and you bring him home, a lot will change anyway.

pregnancy month 2

Maybe he won't want to sleep in the crib, maybe the bottles won't have a nipple that he likes, or some clothes will seem uncomfortable. You will see that, even though you have worked hard, there will be changes in the house anyway, when the little one gets to use certain things and tell you in his own language that he doesn't like them that much. So, don't make tidying up the house an additional stress, because there are other things that will steal your rest!

Speaking of rest!

In the ninth month, you and sleep will not be friends at all! Since the belly is so big, it is more and more uncomfortable to sleep, and back pain and contractions will follow you this month as well. The good part is that it can't be worse! This month, weight gain will stagnate. It is very possible that this month you won't gain any extra kilos, you might even lose a little weight!

This will make everything seem a little easier, or at least it can bring you comfort that the extra kilos are over!

month 9 pregnancy

However, even though you will no longer experience significant weight gains, things will still seem difficult. Your body will feel more and more tired, because both the muscles and the spine, as well as the internal organs, are overworked. That's why sometimes you will feel the need to rest when you exercise too much, or even without any activity.

But listen to your body and give importance to rest. When you feel sleepy, take a break and try to sleep. Take advantage of any moment when the baby gives you a break and does not move so much, even if this happens in the middle of the day. These moments will catch you very well, especially because it is very possible that at night you will have big problems with sleep anyway.

In the ninth month, you will feel that you cannot find your place

month 9 of pregnancy
In the previous lines, you received a very important piece of advice - that of resting when the opportunity arises. And this is because, in the ninth month of pregnancy, the weight becomes almost impossible to bear.

You will see that both back pain and leg pain become stronger. Any position will make you feel uncomfortable, even if you try to sit on a chair, standing, or in a soft bed surrounded by pillows. Since the pressure exerted by the weight on your body is great, any place or position will seem uncomfortable, and you will feel the need to change the position in which you are sitting, so that the discomfort is no longer so disturbing.

That is exactly why, we encourage you once again, to take a break when you feel that you have found a more convenient position, because you will not know when you will have the chance to find such a position!

What conditions will you go through in the ninth month of pregnancy?

From an emotional point of view, the ninth month is so joyful, yet so sad! You will think a lot about the moment you will give birth, the one when you will hear the child's cry for the first time and you will hold him, with fear, for the first time in your arms!

This will make you very happy! However, you will also think about the fact that the pregnancy will end, and that you will no longer be able to feel the movements of the little one, and the moments when it was just you and the belly will no longer be there! And this may make you a little sad!

Pregnancy will be something you will miss, even if you have said many times that you will not miss it!

Although pregnancy is a real pile of emotions for the mother and it is a time when she goes through many difficult or maybe even painful things, it is also one of the most beautiful moments a woman can go through. It's true that nausea during pregnancy can cause discomfort, but there are many beautiful things that happened that balanced the balance.

You know very well that, the first time you felt his blows, you burst into tears! You did the same when you heard his heartbeat for the first time! Every pregnancy is unique for the mother, and what she feels cannot be compared to anything. And that's why the fact that your baby will no longer be with you in your belly, where it is protected from everything, may seem a little sad!

However, don't destroy the beauty of this moment by thinking that you won't have it again in a few weeks, but live with all the intensity the period that is yet to pass! Even if sometimes you will still miss the moments when you were pregnant, just by seeing the baby you will realize that everything is more beautiful when you can hug it to your chest!

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