What are the most suitable educational toys for babies?

Buying a toy is a particularly pleasant activity, regardless of whether we choose a toy for our baby or to give it as a gift. It seems that not only children consider this experience particularly pleasant, but also adults. And what could be unpleasant about spending some time in a store, virtual or real, with shelves full of beautifully colored, rattling or musical toys, made of materials pleasant to the touch, that make you want to take them home ?

Although we would be tempted to buy at the first impulse, specialists recommend us to choose educational toys according to the age of the baby or child, so that he can really enjoy the experience and be able to really use the toy. There are certain toys that can be used from birth, being made of non-toxic materials, of the best quality, extremely pleasant to the touch, but at the same time having suitable dimensions for the delicate hands of a baby.

Starting with the age of 3 months, teething toys can be used, provided with a gum ring, but which also make noises to attract the child's attention. From six months, when the child can hold a toy in his hands, plush toys can be used, and starting with the age of nine months, even educational toys in the form of cubes can be used. All that remains is to inform yourself properly before going shopping and to choose the right toy for the age of the little one.

The age of the baby and the material from which the toys are made, the most important selection criteria


The most important criteria to take into account when choosing a toy are the materials from which they are made and the age of the baby.

Right from birth, we can use musical plush toys that will delight the little one and accompany him in his daily adventures. Your little one will really enjoy the toy and its colors depending on its age. Thus, at birth you must know that babies see black and white and only up close; starting with the age of 3 months, they start to see colors and even recognize their parents; from 8 months, images become much clearer, and coordination movements are much more precise. Starting with the age of 12 months, the baby sees clearly in colors, but the full development of vision occurs only around the age of 2 years.

Musical toys and their role in the development of babies

Musical toys, although at first glance they seem extremely simple toys, it would seem that they are extremely important for the development of babies and children. First of all, these toys stimulate sight - their coloring makes them particularly attractive for the little ones, especially when we move them from one side to another to stimulate the following of objects with the eyes by the babies. Using toys in this way contributes to improving vision and coordinating eye movements and looking in the desired direction. The sound made by these toys helps to attract the baby's attention. When hearing these sounds, babies tend to turn their heads in the direction of the sound.

In the beginning, babies only have the reflex to gather things in their hands. As the reflexes develop, they can grab the objects and bring them to the mouth, but they can also make the transfer from one hand to the other. Many toys of this type have component parts that can be operated, thus contributing to maintaining the baby's attention.

Rattle or musical toys are made of quality materials, which can be easily cleaned, considering that they are used by babies. In addition, they can be used to encourage the baby to pick up the stapler. Usually, babies don't like to sit on their stomachs, but this position allows us to attract their attention and stimulate their reflex to raise their head. In addition, if we use the favorite toy, we will be able to attract the little one's attention and encourage him to try to reach the nearby toy, first by crawling and slowly, starting to walk.

In the Baby Room you will find a varied range of toys for babies that rattle in the form of a gum ring , at extremely affordable prices. These toys are recommended from the age of 3 months, they do not contain BPA and can be used to soothe the pain of teething. When we talk about rattling toys, we can choose between three variants available in the Baby's Room - in the form of a bird , an elephant or a lion .

The educational cubes help with spatial orientation, the development of language and social skills


The educational toys from the Baby's Room are available in two versions - in the form of a pyramid or in the form of cubes; regardless of the option you will choose, you must know that toys of this kind are particularly important in the development of the little one.

The studies carried out have revealed the fact that these educational cubes are real tools for learning, in that they allow the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination, improve spatial orientation, cognitive flexibility, learning new words, but equally contribute to the development a creative thinking style, social skills and even engineering skills. It seems that there are studies that prove the fact that the use of these educational cubes is closely related to obtaining good results in mathematics.

First of all, the use of educational cubes contributes to spatial orientation and increased cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility represents the ability to react to different stimuli, a particularly important aspect, especially for children of preschool and school age. It also seems that educational blocks or cubes play an important role in the development of language and special problem-solving skills. The language develops especially if this activity takes place in a group, contributing at the same time to the development of social skills.

The educational cubes, but also the pyramid educational toy with numbers can be used for babies over 9 months old. They are made of quality, non-toxic materials, at international standards, which offer maximum safety to children during the game because they are provided with rounded edges. Both the cubes and the glasses are beautifully colored, easy to clean.

The educational cube toy from BabyOno includes three cubes decorated with animals. The educational toy BabyOno pyramid figures includes a set of six colored cups; each glass is a different color and can be used as such or stacked to create wonderful constructions, both at home, in the crib or at the playground.

Since each type of educational toy contributes in a slightly different way to the development of babies and children, specialists recommend that the little ones use as varied a range of such educational toys as possible. Learning starts early, and it is easiest to achieve through play. So why not use educational toys to provide the best conditions for our baby's development?

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