Vanilla dolls - The best holiday gift and their benefits

In the month of gifts, we are more attentive than ever and focus all our energies on the most interesting gift ideas. We put love in our selections because beyond the value of the gifts there is a smile that we have the power to make even more memorable.

And nothing compares to the smile of a baby that exudes pure and innocent happiness, without filters or restraints.

And here is our suggestion for all the little ones, a more special gift than ever or a vanilla doll that will become your little one's best friend.

These vanilla dolls are a new concept on the market that aims to become a fascinating gift idea for the little soul that is currently in the arms of its parents or in its crib, where the fascinating world of bedtime stories is sung.

What is so special about these dolls and why they are the most suitable holiday gift for children and not only, you will find out in the following.

The benefits of vanilla dolls

And we get excited when we discover new things, don't we? Well, surely your baby/child does not lack dozens of fluffy, cute and interesting toys, with which he spends his free time discovering the small pleasures of life.

Baby doll scented village with checkered dress and red shawl for the baby's room

Vanilla dolls are silicone dolls or handmade toys that have a pleasant, long-lasting vanilla smell, which increase the child's attraction to his new discovery. Through the fine and pleasant smell that these dolls emit, but also through the increased attention to details that carefully reproduce a baby, the little one will associate the doll with a real baby that he will consider his new partner.

It is often very important for the development of the little ones to be able to grow with such a toy that increases their attention to details and senses, such as love. Thus, the child will no longer feel alone when the parents are busy even for a few seconds or when they let go of their arms. As a result, such a perfumed baby is truly a special purchase that the little one will enjoy in the long term. Here are other benefits of these babies.

  • Soft, flexible material

Young children or babies tend to touch things or put them in their mouths. It can be a real challenge for parents to convince their little ones to give up such old and dangerous habits.

Vanilla dolls are generally recommended for children over 3 years old, but a baby will certainly be happy to have such an innovative doll with them, which perfectly imitates a real baby, both visually, but also to the touch, and which will not cause problems when playing.

  • Made in Spain, certified by the European Union

Parents can be completely reassured by the novelty that they will bring to the life of their children, because the dolls were designed after a careful manufacturing cycle in Spain, and before they are available at the Baby's Room, they have gone through numerous tests which they passed with flying colours. In the end, it was established that the vanilla dolls comply with the European Norms for Toy Safety, so they received a marketing approval and a certificate of trust to accompany the child when he discovers the world through play and play.

Thus, you don't have to have any fears or constraints regarding the choice of a vanilla baby. The health of the little ones comes first, and with such toys you will not make a mistake.

Red perfumed baby doll with white floral dress for the baby's room

  • Various models, low prices

You could say that such an innovative concept costs a fortune. But it's not like that! The vanilla babies have an affordable price so that any parent can afford at least one.

The range is extremely diverse and you can choose girl dolls and boy dolls, silicone dolls with cute clothes and long-lasting scents.

  • Dolls that stimulate and develop the cognitive senses

One of the biggest benefits these dolls offer is the role they play in the development of perception and/or cognitive ability (sight, smell, interaction, emotions, etc.).

Through these toys, the little ones have the ability to exchange roles and feelings, the range including dolls that can cry, that can move their eyes, etc. The child will immediately associate them with a real character, bearing in mind that a large part of the features are hand-painted so that the dolls gain depth and reproduce in a fascinating way another junior of the family.

In this way, scented silicone dolls turn into a unique opportunity to bring out the senses of a growing child and contribute to his development.

These cute dolls, with a unique concept, can be found with us in a wide variety for all the tastes of parents and children. The prices start from 49 lei and we can transport them with the greatest ease to the door of your house, with the help of courier services.

Which doll do you think your little girl will love the most?