Have you had the feeling that children's room decoration projects, because they also involve a creative part, come out a bit clumsy? Everything has a solution!
You must know that, when you submit to a creative thinking, you must, first of all, have an analytical thinking. Maybe it seemed a bit strange, but everything has a logic, in fact this is the secret: in everything you do, there must be a logic, a grammar, a mathematics, an architecture or whatever else you are used to call this type of organization.

The other steps become relatively simple:

1. Find a metaphor, an inspirational idea, a fragment of something you want to model;
2. Find a model, or establish some guidelines to constitute the skeleton on which to model your idea;
3. Organize your work space;
4. Make lists in which you prioritize and divide the tasks you have to accomplish in order to "build" what you set out to do. How many and how concise, and then unite them all into one that includes the orderly steps that must be followed to complete the creative process (including breaks, of course);
5. Get to work, and don't give up until it turned out the way you wanted!

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Let's take some concrete ideas now. To draw the primary lines that will be the support for your design, consider some technical details related to the room you want to decorate: the surface, the number and size of the windows, the type of furniture already existing, etc. Then work with some ideas you have seen, colors you like, or with your child's personality: maybe he is more active, more delicate, or has a favorite character from stories. Choose the objects with which you will decorate, whether they are pieces of furniture, accessories, toys or paint to paint the walls. Let the little one help you too... move it and especially paint it!

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Decorating ideas for the children's room:
• integrates color spots in a monochrome landscape;
• by monochrome, don't always opt for white; you can choose cream, and light gray, and warm light green, and straw yellow;
• when you integrate the painting in the room, don't necessarily think only about the walls: you can paint the furniture too, just as well!
• decorate with toys: there is a varied range of toys, so you can organize the room like an apartment: you can set up a toy kitchen, or a building or painting workshop.

And if your baby is too small to give you a helping hand, we can help you with a furniture idea in the same chromatic tone in the Decorating ideas for the baby's room section on our website. In our furniture sets you can find the following:
• storage baskets: for an efficient organization of the room;
• bed linen sets with side protection for high quality cots, which retain their elasticity and initial properties;
• chandeliers and lampposts of different colors and special designs;
• organizer supports for the baby's crib: both toys and hygiene products for babies can be placed in the pockets;
• chest of drawers with changing table and removable bathtub: to facilitate the space;
• wardrobe for clothes and accessories, painted with water-based paints (non-toxic);
• cots with 2 levels, for 0 - 6 months and 6 months - 5 years;

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The mattress is not included in our packages for children's rooms, but you can choose from a wide range of mattresses, and the most recommended by pediatricians is the mattress with coconut and buckwheat seeds.

How would you decorate your little one's room? Tell us in the comments section below!