Every parent wants the best for their child. And clothing plays an extremely important role from the first moments of life. Not only that quality clothing will highlight the sweet aesthetic appearance of the child, regardless of age, but it will also help him feel confident in his own strength and be comfortable regardless of the activities he does. For these children, there are now iDO brand clothes, which they can use regardless of the situation.

In trends, even when walking, playing or at special events

From children who meet their parents for the first time, to those who develop harmoniously and who surprise us with their evolution, they all deserve to enjoy quality clothes, resistant to wear, with a versatile design and that behave impeccably. with each sanitation.

The iDO brand allows all children to enjoy these aspects without fail, being a true inspiration in children's fashion.

Therefore, the iDO collections allow you to enrich the child's wardrobe with trending items, which you can use when he is resting, when you take him out for a walk, to play or when you want the little one to be the center of attention through an ideal story outfit at special events.

The story of the iDO brand

iDO is one of the traditional brands of the mother company of Italian origin - Miniconf, which was founded in Tuscany, Italy.

The IDO brand was founded in 1987, and the basis of the launch of the iDO collections were the materials inspired by nature, prints and contrasting colors, thus giving birth to one of the largest lines of clothing and accessories for children. Thus, the focus falls both on the people who contribute even now to the development of the brand and the creation of special pieces, as well as on the end users who will proudly wear each iDO piece.

Through the iDO collection, as well as the other brands present in the Miniconf portfolio, the company obtained honors and ELITE certification, as well as recognition as one of the "Companies worthy of consideration", in terms of children's items.

iDO - a new brand at camerabebelusului.ro

From the desire to offer our customers the most prestigious items, you can now enjoy the iDO collections.

In our portfolio you will find both articles for children aged between 0-6 months, but also for children aged between 1-3 years or children up to 5 years old.

At the baby room you will find bodysuits and sets consisting of overalls or fez and booties for babies, overalls and jackets, t-shirts and pants for boys, cute and elegant dresses for girls, girls' shoes for occasions, etc.

The iDO collections include comfortable items, made of quality materials such as 100% cotton and other fine materials, which will be soft against children's skin even when they are active.