The most beautiful Gifts and Clothes for Christmas in the Pandemic

If there is a category of people who are incredibly happy for the small gestures that adults make, they are without a doubt children.

And the children look forward to the winter holidays and the magic of Santa Claus. We are firmly convinced that even you, from the position of parents, are not inferior. And even the babies who communicate permanently with their parents, from their tummies or from their own arms, feel all this excitement that appears with the approach of the winter holidays.

And to impress children at a young age and all those children who are still in our souls as adults and parents is simpler than ever.

Christmas clothes with a special cut and attention to detail can turn into the piece of resistance in terms of Christmas gifts. How and why, you will find out in the following.

Why give holiday clothes for children?

We know that many of you have made it a habit in recent years to schedule a family shoot, at least near the winter holidays. Whether we are talking about couples who are expecting a child or who are enjoying this step, or about the whole family, they all want to immortalize their happiness of being together in these moments.

Even as old people, we all follow certain pleasant customs - like when we renew on the occasion of the holidays, this ritual predicting well-being and luck throughout the year.

Here's why you should buy Christmas clothes as a gift! They will make children feel special, will help transform innocent souls into true stylish models and will contribute to the immortalization of exceptional portraits. This applies even to mothers who carry miracles in their bellies. And only tomorrow is not the day after tomorrow, as she will give birth to the little one or the little one right near or during the winter holidays. You can increase their enthusiasm and happiness of the birth of the little one by offering a memorable gift for the little ones.

Christmas clothes for boys and girls

Because every year is special, as is each of you and your little ones, in AnneBebe stores and at you will find numerous gift suggestions, including Santa costumes for boys and Christmas dresses for girls .

Even now, children's health is paramount for us, so we welcome you with carefully crafted, unique clothes, made of the best quality materials, friendly to children's skin and their needs. In addition to their appearance that will conquer you from the first contact, we also provide you with advantageous price offers, for parents, grandparents, nannies, etc.

As we mentioned previously, you can use them to dress up your children in the spirit of the winter holidays or to participate in a family photo session, where our partner Cradle Photography is waiting for you with open arms.

Here are some suggestions of clothing items that you can use.

Clothes gift ideas for the winter holidays

For little girls

For the flirtatious girls, with their hair in the wind or tied in ponytails, who want to be Santa's helpers, we propose the collection of red Christmas dresses . You will find here stylish dresses, dresses with polka dots or glitter, checkered, dresses made of velvet, taffeta, in passionate shades of red that will transform your little one into a fairytale Christmas.

All the dresses are carefully made in our workshops, taking care step by step to create a story through them, to convey a message of joy in which the princesses will parade with confidence and which the little ones will send as a gift to their own person and /or the whole family, when they will see again all those photos and photo albums that you as parents have conceived in these moments.

For the boy

Even for boys, the portfolio is not inferior. So we prepared a series of complete costumes, with everything they need, to be easily transformed into the head of the family by relatives and/or parents. We have many advantageous discounts .

Like girls, boys will shine at the photo session or during the holidays. The special costumes come equipped with trousers, jacket, shirt and accessories, which will give them the gift of performance and elegance, highlighting their tenderness and everyday beauty. Moreover, these costumes will be an investment for the future, having the possibility to wear them on other special occasions in their lives. They can be worn partially, they can be combined in dozens of ways, and the boy will always have a stylish outfit, similar to his personality.

Now all that remains is to invite you to our stores to discover which clothing purchases are suitable for all the little ones and to update you on all those gift ideas that you can rely on through us.

If time does not allow a direct contact, we are also available online, where you can order safely. We will send the gifts of children's Christmas clothes by express courier.