Erbesi - a corner of heaven for babies

Baby rooms have always had something special. The nice details present on the furniture finishes, the accessories for cots and toys or those for sleeping contribute to the creation of a story space without having to have experience in interior design. Even Erbesi pieces are not inferior to this description, being one of the most sought after and purchased brands dedicated to children and parents on the market.

By means of Erbesi articles, the foundation is laid for a room that bears the imprint of the little one and the good taste of the parents, even in codependent relationships. And the final result will always be safe, pleasant and aesthetically attractive.

Erbesi brand philosophy

The motto of the Erbesi brand is - "A story for happy children", a motto that was born decades ago and which today inspires parents all over the world. Erbesi was born in Italy over 50 years ago. The Cantarutti family wanted to offer parents the opportunity to have not only beautiful and elegant pieces of furniture, but also practical, reliable and safe furniture.

Thus, the small family activity launched in 1966 became a real success, on the first places of the characterization of the brand being the safety that Erbesi pieces provide to children every day and which transformed the company into a market leader in the segment of activity.

Today, through the brand of Italian origin, you will find nice pieces of furniture for a peaceful sleep from the first day of life, chests of drawers and cabinets that will make organization easier, cots with a classic concept and co-sleeping cots, but also soft mattresses and comfortable that ensure an optimal position during sleep, etc.

In order to help all children and parents, Erbesi has developed over time numerous special collections from which they can easily choose the pieces they need in contrast with the elements already existing in the baby's room, but also complete pieces with contrasting finishes for a look whole.

Which Erbesi products can you choose from the Baby Room

Currently, at Camera Bebelusului we offer you a varied range of Erbesi brand products, the Tippy Jolie, Charlie, Pongo Design, Dado, Tato, Elite, Ninna or Tiffany Lux collections are indispensable (a collection dedicated to those who want premium accessories) And so on

Of course, we have various pieces in neutral colors, made of beech wood treated with water-based paint that meet the highest safety and quality standards, but also complete bed sets with anti-reflux mattress included, dressers with changing table, furniture single and double co-sleeping, with sliding sides, ideal for combining with the parents' bed or to be transformed into a piece of furniture that the little one can use even years later.

Therefore, we trust in Erbesi products which can be yours with the most advantageous quality-price ratio and which you will fall in love with down to the last detail. With Erbesi, arranging the baby's room is simpler than ever. So we are waiting to get to know you and to make available to you the various articles of this brand.