The cradle is a leitmotif of our childhood. From the famous lullabies, to the memories related to the date in the cradle itself, this activity is timeless and helps to shape the universal child.

In the first days of life, the cradle can give the baby the feeling of safety in the mother's belly, and later, it can contribute to the child's psychomotor development. During the game in the swing, the connections between the two hemispheres of the brain are boosted because all the sense organs are activated simultaneously. Thus, it was found that the little ones who have been rocking a lot at a young age will be more creative and will succeed much more easily in learning to write and read.
The specialists showed how rocking helps to develop physical, social and cognitive skills. Being a common play practice, the outdoor swing increases physical social skills.

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Also, rocking stimulates blood circulation in the body, leads to the release of happiness hormones and has a role in relaxing both children and parents, who can rest while they have fun. The fundamental role of rocking is finding balance in the contraction process , of coordinated movement and the perception of the feeling of rhythmicity.
Of course, the traditional cradle has evolved into many variants that you can also find in the Baby's Room.
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