Most parents have a plan for when they will arrive home with their baby from the hospital. Many of us make lists, shop in advance, plan our first days and nights at home, together with the baby. Because the baby sleeps a lot in its first days and weeks, a first big concern is related to where and how we put the little one to bed when we get home.

Where do we sleep the baby?

While some parents prepare the baby's room with everything and choose to sleep the baby alone in the room, some pediatricians recommend "roomsharing", that is to sleep in the same room with the little one. Because the first nights with the baby will be quite restless and the mother will wake up many times to feed the little one, one of the best options is to use a co-sleeping crib.

Such a co-sleeping cot is built so that it can be attached to the adult's bed. Thus, the mother will be able to listen to the breathing of the newborn, to see him at any moment, to caress and comfort him, to take him in her arms and feed him throughout the night.

Where do we sleep the baby when we arrive with him from the maternity ward?

Some say to put the baby to sleep where you sleep better, but in fact this is not good advice for parents. There are some safe places for the baby, as well as some risky places.

According to pediatricians and pediatric organizations, the baby should sleep:

- In his crib. This can be a standard baby bed or a co-sleeping bed.

- You can also choose a basket for a newborn (it is made of wicker), with compact dimensions and 100% safe for the little one.

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- In the same room as you. It will be easier to hear him, feed him and know him safe.

- On a firm surface, such as a crib mattress , covered with clean and suitable baby bedding .

Where should you NOT put the baby to bed when you arrive with him from the maternity ward?

- DO NOT put him in your bed, as adults.

- DO NOT put the baby to sleep in a babynest .
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- DO NOT put the baby to sleep in the cradle or in a car seat. Although sleeping in a shell or car seat is fine when you go by car, it is not at all recommended when the baby is at home (not even for a daytime sleep session).

- DO NOT leave the baby alone in the room, especially during his first days and nights at home.

where we put the baby to sleep

How do we put the baby to bed when we arrive with him from the maternity ward?

- Dress him in cotton clothes, without chemicals, comfortable and soft.

- Make sure that there are NO pillows, blankets , plush toys in his bed.

- Don't wrap the baby and don't dress him excessively.

- You can swaddle the baby to sleep, but make sure that his legs remain free.

- Make sure that the temperature in the room is suitable, that it is neither too hot nor too cold. You should air the room every day.

- Do not rock the baby to sleep. This can put him in danger.

- Instead, after feeding him, hold him in a vertical position, on your shoulder, to remove the air. In this way, the baby will sleep much better.

- During the day, do not draw the curtains to make the room dark. It is important for the baby to slowly realize when it is day and when it is night.

- For a restful sleep, dress the little one in soft and comfortable pajamas or comfortable overalls.

- Give him a bath and even a massage before sleeping in the evening, to induce relaxation and for a smoother sleep.

- Lay the baby face up. Here there are opinions for and against. There are also pediatricians who recommend parents to sleep the baby on the stomach, as long as they are sitting next to him. Baby bed Co-sleeping Contact Light with mattress included & anti-reflux support & LED light kit

Room sharing with the baby

Even if it is recommended to sleep in the same room with the baby, you should never put him to sleep in your bed. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the safest way to sleep with babies is for parents to share the room with the little one for the first 6 months (until the baby turns 1 year old) - but not the bed. Room sharing can reduce the risk of sudden death in sleep by up to 50%, according to the AAP. If the baby sleeps in the same bed as the parents, the risk of accidental suffocation increases.

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