Essential advice for parents about choosing the most suitable cot for babies

Many times, the crib is the central attraction of your baby's or child's room. For this reason, it is good not to buy the cot by chance, but to document thoroughly beforehand, in order to enjoy your choice for as long as possible. When choosing a crib for your baby, it is good to take into account some extremely important aspects, such as the amount you can afford to invest, the space you have available, the type of mattress you can purchase, the size the cot, the material from which it is made, the design style in which it fits, but also the delivery and mounting options available to you.

The influence of cost on the decision to buy a cot

One of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind when choosing your baby's crib is the financial one. Nowadays you have at your disposal an extremely varied range of products, which sometimes makes the choice all the more difficult. It is important to set from the beginning the amount you can invest in this piece of furniture in order not to waste your time unnecessarily. The baby's bed is the object that will require the biggest investment, but which you will enjoy for a long enough period, so it is advisable to choose a quality product, with a special design, made of natural materials. Specialists recommend that the cot be made of wood, as it has increased resistance, a special aesthetic and is also extremely versatile, being able to be easily combined with different pieces of furniture, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the baby's room .

The space available for the cot, essential for a correct choice

Although we would all like the space we have at our disposal to be generous, most of the time things are not like that. If you have a large room, you can choose the cot without worrying about its placement and the remaining space for the other pieces of furniture. If your space is limited, it is advisable to make exact measurements to choose only those pieces that will fit perfectly and that will leave you freedom of movement, so as not to give the feeling of being overcrowded. Today, these cots are equipped with wheels, which allows them to move easily and change their position according to needs. If you do not want to move the cot, it is good that the wheels equipped with braking systems are activated.

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The method of delivery of the product, an important criterion to take into account

The cot can be delivered in the form of separate component parts, which require assembly, or directly in assembled form. Depending on this criterion, the prices will vary quite a lot, considering the space that the parcel will occupy. If you have practical skills, you can purchase the cot and assemble it yourself at home. But if the pregnancy is advanced, you don't have the time or the passion for DIY projects, it would be best to call on the help of a friend or buy the cot already assembled. It is very important that the crib is mounted properly, in order not to present a risk of injury to your baby.

The right size and stiffness of the mattress

 The best thing would be for the mattress to be purchased together with the cot. In this way, you will be able to guarantee that the mattress fits perfectly with the size of the cot. Usually, they can be purchased as a package , thus allowing you to get rid of the worry of looking for an additional product and matching it to the design of the cot. If you choose to purchase the mattress separately, it is good to know that if two fingers fit between the mattress and the bed, it means that the mattress is too small. Purchase the mattress only after you have convinced yourself that its dimensions are the right ones, that it is made of the right materials and that it is sufficiently rigid.

The design of the cot, the materials used and the setting in the general atmosphere

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In order not to stand out in a less pleasant way, it is advisable to choose a cot that matches the furnishing style of the child's room and, as far as possible, of the whole house. For a classic design but also for the benefits it can bring, it is recommended, whenever possible, to choose a cot made of solid wood. This has the advantage of fitting Shabby Chic, classic contemporary or vintage style furnishing. Regarding the color, the most suitable shades would be the light ones, white or cream, blue or pink, the color accents can be provided by different accessories for the crib. Keep in mind that the crib must reflect your personality but also be a symbol of candor.

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What are the most important aspects that we must take into account when purchasing a cot?

The two most important aspects that we have to take into account are the degree of comfort it can offer and the safety of the product. Since the baby will spend about 20 hours every day sleeping during the first months of life, it is good that this crib is particularly comfortable. Safety is therefore equally important, so specialists recommend purchasing a new cot over an old or refurbished one.

In conclusion, when decorating the baby's room and choosing the most suitable crib, take into account the following:

  • You don't need the most expensive crib on the market. Today you can find very good quality cots at an affordable price
  • Choose, if possible, a new crib over an old one
  • Measure the distances between the bars of the crib to make sure that the little one has no way to catch his stapler or handrails at this level
  • Evaluate the crib before installing the little one to detect any risk for his safety
  • It uses rigid mattresses, which fit perfectly in terms of size with the cot
  • Choose as much as possible natural materials from which to make the crib, but also take into account the materials used for painting it or for accessories .

Give your little one the comfort he will need for a healthy and harmonious development, by providing him with a comfortable bed, with a special design and that respects the latest quality and safety standards.

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