How do we choose toys according to the age of the little ones?

Although at first glance we may think that choosing toys for the little ones is an easy task, it is possible to realize that this is not true, especially if we have recently become parents. Although the range of products available on the market is rich, maybe richer than ever, it can be difficult to choose the right toys according to the age of the baby, if we don't do some research beforehand.

Age, the most important criterion for choosing toys

We must know, for example, that each age presents certain characteristics and particularities in terms of the degree of development of the child, of his abilities and interests. First of all, it is good to choose age-appropriate toys that stimulate at the same time. "Play is an essential element for the social, mental, physical and emotional development of children", as stated by Vicki Panaccione, pediatric psychologist and founder of the Better Parenting Institute.

We present below the basic rules that should be followed when choosing toys.

  1. Most of the time, it is preferable to choose simple toys that do only one thing. Today, parents tend to buy more and more complicated toys, toys that are supposed to stimulate the early development of children. Usually, it is good to choose age-appropriate toys. If the toys are too simple, the child will have to use his imagination to play. If the toys are too complex, he will feel frustrated.
  2. As new parents, you will be inclined to try to get a little more free time by letting your children play with electronic devices or toys of this kind. It is advisable to set certain limits regarding the use of electronic toys and video games. Specialists in child development recommend that the age group under 2 years old should not play on the computer and should not have access to television. Over the age of two, it will be necessary that the time spent in front of such devices be limited to 1-2 hours a day.
  3. Leave a limited number of toys available. Even if you will notice that you have purchased several toys of the same type, it is not advisable to keep them all at the child's disposal. Besides the fact that they will take up space and create the impression of disorder in the room, the child will quickly get bored of them. What you can do instead is to leave a certain number of toys at the baby's or child's disposal, periodically taking out other toys, which the little one can use in new projects and imagine new games.

How to choose age-appropriate toys

A toy is perfect, regardless of its price, as long as the child finds a use for it and if it is suitable for his developmental stage. Depending on the age group in which they fall, the baby or small child will enjoy certain categories of toys.

Age group between 0 and 6 months

Babies of this age are fascinated by movement, noises and black and white images. This is the phase in which babies discover themselves, discover their bodies, but also develop their abilities to grasp objects. Toys that will stimulate the tactile, visual and auditory senses are usually preferred. The toys are usually intensely and beautifully colored, textured and easy to hold. Sometimes, the toys for this age group also make sounds . All kinds of rattles , soft toys, toys with which the child sleeps, but also play mats are among the most appreciated categories of toys for this age group.

In the first 3 months of life, the baby will be extremely interested in everything that surrounds him, but especially in the people close to him. Toys used at play, plush toys, sensory books with rounded edges are the most suitable toys for this age group.

Age group between 6-8 months

At six to eight months, babies can already handle certain small toys. This is the stage of development in which children learn how to transfer objects from one hand to another, or how to put and remove a toy or an object from the container. Babies aged between 6 and 12 months will be particularly active. This is the age at which they will start sitting on their bottoms, crawling, leaning on the furniture and even trying to take their first steps. Babies will be able to recognize their names, some basic words, they can find certain hidden objects, so they can enjoy toys such as big soft cubes , wooden blocks, dolls, plastic or wooden cars with wheels, balls or toys with which they can sort the shape of objects. After the age of 6 months, walkers can be used successfully.

Age group between 8-18 months

This is the age group in which children begin to take actions with a desired result in mind. It is the stage of experimentation with shapes, sizes and objects. The most suitable toys are those that can be disassembled, blocks, circles or shape sorting toys.

Age group between 18-24 months

In the period between 18 and 24 months, children will move to a new period of development, which will allow their imagination to contribute. Thus, this is the moment when they will appreciate playing with dolls, they can dress them, they can use kitchen sets, toy cars or trucks, they can imagine situations and the reactions to them. Toys with the help of which children can build something, as well as non-toxic pencils, crayons or markers, which are easy to wash, but which will still allow them to express their creativity, are also very expensive.

Age group between 24 months - 4 years

Children between the ages of 2 and 4 learn first of all how to socialize with other children but also with other people. This is the period when they are taken to smaller or larger groups and learn to behave in society. The most suitable toys for this age group are those that allow them to exercise their imagination and develop their creativity. Finger painting, the use of plasticine, but also puzzle or Lego games are indicated during this period. Children in this phase of development are full of energy, always ready to explore and get involved in all kinds of physical activities.