Tips for mothers during lactation

We all know how important a mother is for her baby, especially in the first months of life. Even if both parents play an essential role in the child's life, the mother is indispensable for her baby. And just as the baby is dependent on the mother, the mother is also dependent on her little child and wants to give him everything he needs. As a new mother, you probably also tried, even before your baby was born, to give him the best. And how could you have tried to do this if not through food?

The mother's diet is very important for the baby to grow up healthy. A balanced diet helps the normal development of the baby, which is why it is necessary to pay attention to the nutrition of our body, both during intrauterine and extrauterine life, because it is a factor that influences lactation.

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Breast milk should represent the main source of food for your baby in its first months of life, that's why you should know that, by having a healthy diet, you ensure, through breastfeeding, the same type of diet for your baby. Especially in the first days after birth, the mother's breast secretes a somewhat more "special" milk, which is called colostrum and which is noted, among other things, by the fact that it has a much higher amount of antibodies compared to the normal milk of the mother's, and which has a very important role in creating the baby's immune system. Besides colostrum, mother's milk is, in the first months after birth, all the baby needs to lead a healthy life. The amount of milk differs from one mother to another and, if there are no medical problems, it is secreted in sufficient quantity to be the child's only source of food.

The new mother's attention should not be focused on the quantity of milk, but on its quality, and this can be achieved by trying, as much as possible, to feed properly. Besides the fact that it is recommended that the caloric requirement be somewhat higher than that of an ordinary woman (that is, it should amount to approximately 2000 calories per day or even more), it is also recommended that we try to eat healthy.

By "healthy food", we understand a diet as balanced as possible, with fresh and diversified foods, which should be cooked properly (avoid frying them in oil and also avoid excess salt and sugar).

What foods should we eat?

In principle, there are no forbidden foods. But we should always go for the natural. We can eat meat, cereals, vegetables or fruits, of any type, but we should always take into account moderation and balance. We must pay attention especially to the way in which the food is prepared and, from this point of view, it is recommended that, as much as possible, we prepare our own food, so that we can have greater control over the quality of the ingredients used .

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Regardless of whether you decide to cook or not, try to avoid eating food fried in oil. Frying food in oil at very high temperatures can cause them to become toxic, due to the compounds that form as a result of this cooking process, and over time it also leads to the appearance of tumors. For this reason, it is recommended to use alternative preparation methods such as boiling, using the oven or the grill, or similar.

Vegetables and fruits are highly recommended in order to have a balanced diet, but here too we must pay attention to moderation. Regarding vegetables, and especially legumes (beans, lentils, etc.), excessive amounts could lead to bloat in the baby. Regarding fruits, doctors recommend that we eat seasonal fruits, because it is much less likely that different chemical fertilizers or other toxic substances have been used in their case.


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Also, in the case of fruits, it is recommended that the mother keep a more detailed record of the child's reactions after breastfeeding. In the sense that the consumption of certain fruits by the mother may, through breastfeeding, have negative reactions on the part of the baby (such as vomiting, allergies, diarrhea, etc.), in which case they will be removed from the mother's diet.

What liquids should we consume during breastfeeding?

Just like food and hydration, they play an important role in creating a complete nutritional balance. An appropriate consumption of liquids favors the secretion of the amount of milk that is necessary for your baby. In addition to the recommended amount of fluids, which is somewhere around 2-3 liters per day, the quality is also important. And here, it is recommended to go as natural as possible. It is recommended to consume water, teas, natural juices and avoid, as much as possible, carbonated water or acidic or energizing juices, because they can cause agitation to the baby or give him stomach pains (colic).

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Regarding alcohol, it should be avoided, because, consumed in excessive amounts, it can have negative effects on the baby, such as growth difficulties or sleep disturbance. It is indicated, instead, the occasional consumption of a glass of natural wine, due to the existence in its composition of a substance beneficial for the body (rosveratrol).

If you cannot avoid drinking alcohol, it is recommended that you then wait approximately two hours before putting the baby to the breast again, because some of the substances consumed through liquids or solid food end up in the breast milk, and drinking alcohol right before breastfeeding could agitate the baby.

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Do not forget!

As a mother, you will have many new things to learn, both about your baby and about yourself. That's why you should try to stay positive and enjoy the moments spent with your child, even if sometimes it seems difficult. You must also know that, if you decide to resort to breastfeeding, there will be benefits for you as well. Breastfeeding also helps you, as a mother, to regenerate your body after birth.

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Breastfeeding also helps you get back to the weight you had before you got pregnant. Through this process, the body makes a greater effort, and thus, uses the resources stored during pregnancy. For this reason, slimming belts are not even recommended during breastfeeding, because breastfeeding makes losing weight a natural process.

In addition to the silhouette, it is proven that putting the baby to the mother's breast gives her a feeling of well-being, through this process her body secretes serotonin. Another benefit is that breastfeeding creates a bond between mother and child.