Mattresses recommended by specialists for the good of babies

While father and mother can have their preferences, it is recommended that the baby sleeps on its back, on a flat surface. Some mattresses that are suitable for newborns are made of coconut and bamboo. A parent's preferred type of mattress for their newborn will differ from an expert's. For babies, experts often recommend mattresses that are firm but soft enough not to cause any discomfort. Mattresses with coconut filling are excellent for newborn babies.

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Mattresses are one of the first things you must have for a newborn and there are many options for parents to choose from. This article will guide you through the most popular mattresses for newborns and what to look for when purchasing them. The importance of choosing a good mattress for your baby is often overlooked. The best way to ensure that the baby has a good sleep is by means of a mattress that fits the shape of the body, for a correct positioning of the baby.

mattress with coconut inner for baby

How should the child's mattress be?

The main features recommended for a mattress for children, taking into account the comfort and safety they need, are presented in the following lines. Babies must sleep on mattresses with a high degree of firmness and which do not sink with weight. Specialists recommend materials that contain coconut, for optimal firmness. However, it is important to remember that the bed must be firm for the body weight of a child, so the sensation that adults perceive when touching it can be very different from what babies feel.

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Another factor to remember is that the mattress must be perfectly adjusted in the crib, avoiding it to move. It is important that the mattress does not sink and is resistant to the weight of the child. It is not good for a mattress to be too soft, because the child's body can sink and thus cause pain, since babies spend many hours lying down.

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It is recommended that the mattress be as breathable as possible, because this promotes better air circulation in the child's environment. In addition, through this feature, moisture will be better discharged in cases where the mattress is accidentally wet. The more breathable a mattress is, the more hygienic it will be. There are mattresses on the market that incorporate technological advances, which guarantee optimal ventilation.

It is recommended that the mattress be thick enough, between 10 and 15 centimeters, to provide the necessary support for the child. Currently, two types of materials predominate: Foam and viscoelastic are appreciated, as in the case of models for adults, viscoelastic offers greater comfort to the child.

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Features of the mattress for newborns

The first condition or characteristic that you should keep in mind is that the mattress must fit perfectly with the crib, without any gaps. The best thing is that the newborn mattresses have a removable cover, so you can remove it and wash it. In this way, we can maintain the necessary hygiene for the delicate skin of the child.

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About the filling material, what you should look for is that it is 100% hypoallergenic. The consistency must be firm, neither excessively rigid, nor too soft to avoid sinking into it and causing wounds.

Orthopedic indicators

Orthopedic qualities do not mean medicinal properties, but simply sufficient rigidity of the surface on which the child will sleep. For example, coconut fiber as a filling is moderately firm and airy. Doctors' recommendations regarding mattresses that are too soft, through which some parents try to ensure the "comfort" of the child, lead to the deformation of the fragile spine (scoliosis).

The spine of a child up to 2 or 3 years old is straight, that is, it has not yet formed that S-shaped curve. Therefore, the mattress should be smooth, with medium hardness. It is better if until the age of three the child does not even have a pillow, especially a large one (the child can suffocate by burying his nose in it).

The newborn should sleep on a flat surface. Therefore, mattresses with an asymmetrical shape from the factory are not recommended for permanent use. Choose materials that allow good ventilation, but which can be washed and sanitized easily.

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