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Are you about to have a baby and want to know what accessories you need for your little one's crib? In this case, dear mother-to-be, we have some recommendations that will certainly be useful to you. We will tell you why you need each accessory and how they will ensure the comfort of your baby. On our website you can find products for each category of accessories that we will present to you.

Crib sheet with elastic

The elastic baby cot sheet is a practical and comfortable choice for both parents and babies. It is made of soft and breathable materials, so it provides a pleasant environment for the little one to sleep. Built-in elastic around the edges makes installation and fastening easy, keeping the sheet firmly on the mattress without slipping.

The delicate texture of the material provides a pleasant feeling to the touch, contributing to the comfort of the baby during rest. It also has the role of keeping the bed tidy and clean.

These sheets are not only functional but also aesthetic. They are easy to clean and maintain, so they are a practical choice for parents, providing a peaceful and restful sleep for their little one.

Side protection for the cot

Waterproof sheet - cover

The waterproof cot sheet is an essential item for all parents who care about the hygiene and comfort of their little one. Made of high-quality waterproof materials, this type of sheet provides an effective barrier against leaks and protects the mattress from unwanted liquids.

Benefiting from water-resistant properties, the waterproof sheet keeps the baby's bed dry and clean, thus preventing possible skin irritations or allergies. The easy and secure attachment to the mattress, often provided by elastic or adjustable straps, means that this sheet stays firmly in place during baby's sleep.

It has the ability to be easily cleaned and maintained, so the waterproof sheet is a practical choice for parents, giving them the peace of mind that their little one's bed remains a hygienic and comfortable environment, aiding in restful and healthy sleep.

Beige Bed Guards

Inclined pillow for babies

The tilt pillow for babies is an ingenious and beneficial solution for parents who want to ensure a safe and comfortable sleep for their little ones. Designed with a slightly raised angle, this baby pillow provides extra support for baby's head and neck, helping to reduce discomfort from acid reflux or other breathing problems.

2 in 1 anatomical pillow

The soft and breathable material of the pillow provides a pleasant and safe environment for rest, and the ergonomic shape keeps the baby's head in the correct position, promoting a healthy development of the spine.

The angled pillow can easily be placed on the baby's bed or pram, providing useful and safe support during sleep. Also, this can be a suitable option for parents who want to monitor their little one's breathing and comfort constantly. Comfortable and practical, the reclining pillow for babies is a valuable investment in their good health and rest.

The pillow that takes the shape of the head

The pillow that takes the shape of the baby's head is an ingenious innovation in ensuring the comfort and safety of the little ones during sleep. Made of soft and adaptable materials, this pillow is designed to adjust to the natural shape of the baby's head, providing optimal support and preventing possible head deformations.

The ergonomic design of the pillow ensures even pressure distribution, reducing the risk of pressure sores and discomfort. The breathable material allows air to circulate, maintaining an optimal environment for baby's sleep.

The pillow that takes the shape of the head can be used in the baby's crib or in the stroller, adapting to different resting environments. This solution not only prioritizes comfort, but also contributes to the healthy development of your little one's head, giving him a peaceful and restful sleep.

Cot sets

baby bed guards

Choosing baby bedding sets is essential to ensure your little one's comfort and safety while sleeping. These sets usually include sheets, duvets, pillows and other essential accessories for the baby's bed. When choosing materials, it is recommended that they be soft, breathable and hypoallergenic to avoid irritation or allergic reactions of the baby's sensitive skin.

Organic cotton is an excellent choice, being a natural and non-toxic material. The cotton fibers are soft to the touch and allow air to circulate, maintaining a comfortable environment in the baby's crib. Linens with elastic and well-finished seams make it easy to change diapers quickly and keep the bed tidy.

Navy Protector Set Blue protection

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When choosing bedding, it is important to consider the right dimensions for your baby's crib, avoiding bedding that is too tight or too loose. Models with cheerful prints or calm colors can help create a pleasant atmosphere in the baby's room.

Also, make sure the bedding set is easy to clean and maintain, meeting safety standards for baby textiles. A careful selection of the bed set contributes to a quiet and comfortable sleep for your little one.

Blankets for babies

Baby blankets are essential accessories, providing comfort and warmth both during walks and at home. They are available in a variety of sizes, designs and materials, adapted to the specific needs of little ones.

Knitted Blanket Bed

Most baby blankets are made of soft and delicate materials such as cotton or wool. Cotton is a popular choice for blankets due to its breathable nature and pleasant texture. Wool blankets provide extra warmth, perfect for colder days. In addition, many baby blankets are made of hypoallergenic materials to avoid possible allergic reactions of children's sensitive skin.

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Strollers are often lighter and compact so they can be easily carried in a stroller or bag. The ones for home can be larger in size and can also serve as decorative elements for the baby's crib or room.

When choosing a baby blanket, it is important to pay attention to the right size and check that the material is non-toxic and easy to maintain. Taking care of the details, the blanket becomes a comforting element for the little one in various situations, ensuring a restful and pleasant sleep, whether at home or on the move.

So, if you have a newborn baby or if you are going to have a baby, keep this information in mind to give it all the comfort!