Baptism is the most important first ceremony for a newborn, but not all parents and godparents know exactly when they can plan it after the birth of the little one. Moreover, if you look at the calendar, you will notice that in certain periods "weddings and baptisms are not officiated". Here are some pointers that can help you in organizing the baptism. Read on and find out when the baptism takes place.

When do we schedule the christening of the child?

When planning the baptism date, you must take into account the limits imposed by the calendar, more precisely the biggest holidays of the year (Christmas, Easter, etc.). At the same time, you will also take into account the child's date of birth. Tradition says that until a few years ago, baptism was recommended 8 days after birth. Currently, the church recommends a period of 40 days from birth. Practically within a month and a half from the birth of the little one, you should determine the moment of his christening.

The deadline is long enough for you to take care of every detail. However, it is recommended to think about baptism even before giving birth. Parents and godparents who plan their christening details ahead of time, manage to avoid unnecessary stress and accomplish everything they set out to do regarding the service and the child's christening party. In this sense, you can order christening items needed for this ceremony: christening suits for boys, christening dresses for girls, christening kits for boys and girls, certificates, christening candles, chests, shoes and christening gifts.

When is the name prayer done?

8 days after the birth of the child, the priest reads a name prayer for the newborn. In the past, this prayer was read at the door of the church, because 8 days after his birth, he was not yet baptized. Currently, in certain regions of the country, the tradition of praying by name has been preserved, with some variations. Now, the priest usually reads this prayer to the child at home, and the parents tell the priest the chosen baptismal name. Even now, the priest recommends to parents and godparents that at least one of the child's two first names be Christian (Saint's name).

When is baptism NOT done?

The church says that the baptism service can be done practically any day of the year, but when there are holidays or fasting days, the parents and godparents will limit themselves to the religious ceremony, and the party will be postponed for another day (when it is not an important holiday or fasting day). As all parents usually want a complete baptism with a religious ceremony and subsequent party, it is understandable that the days and periods marked in red by the Church for organizing the sacrament of baptism will be avoided.

Here they are:

  • Fasting of the Assumption of the Mother of God
  • Exaltation of the Holy Cross Day (September 27)
  • Christmas Lent (November 15 - December 24)
  • The period between Christmas and Epiphany (December 25 and January 6)
  • On the eve and days of the emperor's holidays
  • From leaving the meat for the Easter Lent until Thomas Sunday
  • Of Pentecost
  • In the Lent of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

When is it recommended to be baptized?

Christian tradition does not provide an exact date for the celebration of the sacrament of baptism, but there are several recommendations from priests. Usually, the term is at least 40 days after birth and is not chosen randomly. 40 days after the birth of the child, the mother can enter the Church again, after the period of laudation, to participate in the baptism of her baby.

Of course, you can set the baptism date any time after the 40 days have passed since the child's birth.

In urgent cases, when the health status of the newborn is uncertain, baptism is recommended as soon as possible, even before the 40-day period has passed.

In which month is it good to establish the baptism?

There is no month or season more suitable than another to organize a baptism, although at first glance summer seems to be preferred by parents and guardians. In reality, each season has its particularities and if you work out the details ahead of time, you will be able to enjoy with your loved ones beautiful, quality moments that will remain in everyone's memory.

In the warm months, the christening can be organized outdoors, and the christening clothes for the baby can be as loose as possible. However, if the little one was born on a winter day and you have to set the baptism in a colder period, make sure you choose thicker clothes for the newborn (maybe even a blanket), to avoid the cold.

baby girl baptism dress

When you decide on the date of the baptism, make sure you know for sure if there will be fasting on that day or not. If it is a fasting day, you will be conditioned to choose fasting menus at the party, but if you choose a day without fasting, you can opt for any menu, including dairy, meat, cheeses.

On what day is it recommended to establish the baptism?

The most usual days for baptism are Saturday and Sunday. Regarding the time interval, you can choose the period in the morning or in the evening. Christening parties on Saturday morning are ideal, especially where many guests, parents and children, come.

Although the church can officiate the baptism service during the week, this period is not recommended for the baptism party, because most of the guests will not be able to arrive, due to the usual commitments.

When the baptism is done: Conclusion

The baptism is usually done within 40 days of the child's birth, unless there is a medical emergency with his health, which may hasten the need to officiate the service. After 40 days from the birth, the mother can also enter the church, exceeding the period of praise. The baptism service can be done at any time, but the baptism party is conditioned by the holidays and important religious periods of the year.

Take into account the recommendations above, talk with the godparents and important family members and decide together on the right date for the baptism of the newborn. It is good to choose 2 or 3 options before going and talking to the priest, because there is a risk that the agenda will be occupied with other events on the first day you thought about.

If you have set the baptism date, you can start taking care of the other details that will mark a very special day.

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