Black Friday 2022 at Camera Bebelusului

Have you thought that it is time for some shopping for the little one? It's the season of small changes and do you want to renovate the baby's room? What better time than now when a beautiful period is approaching?! We know that you are looking for offers and promotions on the best pieces of furniture for babies and if you stay close, you will find them soon.

Cheap baby bed

Because none other than Black Friday is coming! Take advantage of exceptional prices on all products intended for small children. Right now, the baby needs a new crib, the old one is no longer in trend. The underwear also needs to be changed for a much finer and softer one.

As for sleep, a babynest is ideal so that your child can rest wherever he is. And let's not forget the pillows that children love. Isn't that how you have a choice?

Cotton Bed Protection Set 4 Pieces

Quality baby furniture from BF 2022

Time has passed and the crib is no longer a very good one. It moves sometimes, it is no longer aesthetic, the baby always cries and feels that he does not like it... we have the solution for you! Renovate or arrange a new one. Good idea, right? You can start like this:

Step 1: go to CameraBebelusului and look for the furniture section.

Step 2: You can do this on Black Friday, but not too late. The offers are hot and everyone is looking for something good and fresh to buy.

white baby cot

Step 3: focus on the products you want and compare them, so you can choose the best option for your home and, of course, for your baby.

Step 4: start the layout plan.

Step 5: opt for a white crib. It integrates very easily into any type of decoration. The one made of beech wood is massive, with resistance over time. The white paint is water-based so as not to become toxic for the little one. You can choose a model with a built-in drawer at the bottom. You thus have the opportunity to store some of the things needed by the baby: pampers, diapers, napkins, powder, etc.

Step 6: choose a soft and fine underwear, whose material is beneficial for the baby's sensitive skin. The fabric made of cotton is ideal for babies, cotton being the extremely beneficial material for their skin. It prevents sweating and provides the body with the optimal temperature. Opt for a patterned or plain white model.

wooden chest of drawers for babies

Step 7: what bed without pillows? Put one or two soft pillows in the basket. The little one will always play with them and they will beautify the concept of the playpen. Of course, they are extremely soft and fine, and for an older baby they are ideal for sleep.

Step 8: we leave the bed and think about the little one's sleep. You want them to feel comfortable, right? Well, choose some clothes, if Black Friday is still approaching and the prices are incendiary good. Made of cotton, the one I told you about above, they make them ideal for babies. Stop thinking and put some clothes in the basket.

Step 9: for a dreamy and fairy-tale atmosphere, we also recommend some other elements such as: lamps and carousels. The little one will live in the most beautiful story. And of course, we were talking about utility. The chandelier provides the necessary light for the room, and the carousel is an object that distracts him, making him calmer.

Step 10: the toys! How to forget the toys? If you bought a cot, pillows, lamp, and linen... how can you forget the toys? Soft, tender, cute, but above all made so that they do not become a danger, these little things should not be missing from the crib.

Nido baby chest of drawers

Black Friday for moms and dads

For mothers and fathers, even if the beneficiary is the youngest. You look for the offers, furniture and toys, buy, and the little prince or the beautiful princess fully enjoys what you have chosen. Of course, you also benefit from low prices and the best Black Friday offers.

wardrobe for babies

And finally, if you buy them now, you won't have any stress for a long time, because we guarantee quality! You can choose the best pieces of furniture and products for babies here.

You just want your child to be always happy and calm, and if he's been crying a lot lately, well, it's a clear sign that you need to do some shopping for him. Don't you believe?