How to decorate the baby's room with style, for Black Friday?

While the days go by quickly and you are one step closer to the arrival of the baby, that time of the year is approaching when discounts are more tempting than ever.

We know that, more than ever, every parent is frugal with the savings they have.

That's why this year Camera Bebelusului participates in the great "melting" of prices and we come to your aid with complete solutions for babies, for their optimal growth and development, offering you products of the same top quality as we are used to, but at a much lower price. And if this is no longer a secret for you, all that remains is to visit us between November 13, 2021 - December 7, 2021 to enjoy your favorite discounts.

And we come to the rescue with an idea of ​​solutions and practical ideas through which to furnish the baby's room with style, exactly as you dreamed.

How to arrange the baby's room taking advantage of the Black Friday discounts

We know that parents manage successfully in any situation! And when they make preparations for arranging the child's room, more and more parents think about the arrangement in the long term. Most parents are tempted to build a room for the child, and not for the baby, the differences being visible to the naked eye.

Although babies are very connected to their parents in the first year of life and vice versa (especially when it comes to parents with their first child), setting up their own room will offer them many long-term advantages. For example, the room can be built near the adults' rooms so that you can easily move to them, for food, supervision, etc.

All that independence that the babies will get by having their own room will contribute to the peace and privacy of the parents in the long term. Moreover, it will be much easier to organize the baby's things and separate them from the adult things, and the environment will be safer for him even when he develops his reflexes and starts to discover his own room, house, etc.

Children acquire a habit of depending 24/7 on their parents, there is a risk of developing psychological frustration in both parents and children, for fear of being separated or simply because of the habit. The fact that you opt for a dedicated room does not mean that you do not take proper care of the child, quite the opposite.

The specialists urge you, however, not to arrange the baby's room in any way, but in accordance with their age, as the Montessori style provides, whereby the arrangement of the room of babies and children, in general, contributes to intellectual development, to the development of natural reflexes, to the increase of perception, of harmony etc.

Ideas for decorating the baby's room

Medium and extendable beds

wooden cots black friday discounts

An extremely important first choice is the choice of the crib. And we have several types of cots, for each individual child.

Medium and extendable cots currently benefit from a 30% discount, and on Black Friday you will benefit from an additional 5% discount, which means you will save up to 35% more.

These cots are made of durable materials such as solid wood, painted with water-based paint that does not have a degree of toxicity for the baby and are provided with a high mobile or fixed frame, for one person or for twins, with accessories included. Neutral colors allow you to introduce the bed into the baby's room without affecting the ambient color contrast, where you can opt for light and/or pastel colors that give the feeling of calm. The simple design or the animal models of the beds will give the feeling of a dreamland, dedicated to the baby, which will induce a state of peace and safety.

Twin beds

cosleeping beds

Co-sleeping cots are cots with legs and a high frame, which ensure more than ever the care of the baby, preventing falling, sliding or even leaving the cot when the little one has to be watched for a few seconds. They have an adequate size that allows even the parents to take their child in their arms more easily, without bending the back at an increased angle, which can lead to the appearance of deformations/health problems. At the same time, they are provided with wheels for easier handling in the house.

These cots are extremely reliable and versatile thanks to the foldable and transformable design, being able to be placed even in the parents' room, "gluing" the cot directly to the portion of the mother's bed for direct contact.

Co-sleeping cots currently benefit from a 30% discount, which will turn into a 35% discount on Black Friday.

Furniture sets

furniture sets

You can also opt for furniture sets, from 3-piece bed sets to 6-piece sets, which include not only a series of bed accessories, but also extra pieces of furniture.

They currently have a 40% discount, and during the next discounts they will be supplemented with another five percent.

Why use these sets? Because you will get rid of the worry of choosing an inappropriate mattress for the crib or of choosing pieces of furniture that can affect the room from a visual point of view, or from the perspective of the child's safety or the quality of the products.

Nanan accessories

nanan black friday accessories

We know that there will be no shortage of accessories in the little one's room, those accessories that will help the baby to discover the pleasure of games, to take the first steps towards the unknown, towards the discovery of new things and which at the same time can help him to rest more easily.

Many of the Nanan accessories already benefit from a 20% discount, on top of which the 15% discount will be added on the occasion of Black Friday. In this category you will find toys and musical cars, ideal for decorating the crib and wardrobes, cute lamps and rattles that will capture the baby's attention, but also many others.

We are waiting for you to discover all our products on AnneBebe and and we hope that you will enjoy the wonderful result, exactly as you dreamed.