Are you going to a Baby Shower Party? I have prepared some extremely inspiring gift ideas for you.

TOP 5 wonderful gift ideas for Baby Shower Party

When your friend shares with you the wonderful news of becoming a mother, this triggers a consistent amount of emotions and even a few tears of happiness. And when you are also invited to the Baby Shower party, you know that you have to find a special gift - wonderful, unique, exciting and useful, for your friend and her baby.

Before you get overwhelmed by this task, we tell you that we are here to help you easily find the most suitable gift for the Baby Shower Party. We have 5 great ideas from Widdop.

1. The diary with the baby's memories

This gift is full of emotion and is perfect for keeping the first photos of your baby. It has a white exterior color, which means that it can be used for both girls and boys. The size of the diary is 31 cm x 22 cm, with a design full of candor and a short text that shows what is inside: "my first moments, important thresholds in development and memories". An elegant heart and a few stars underline the innocence of this journal specially designed for babies.

The diary with the memories of the baby

This can truly be one of the most inspiring gifts for a Baby Shower Party. The expectant mother will feel wonderful to receive it and it will certainly be useful. Years and years from now, when he opens the diary with his dwarf or dwarf that has grown up, he will remind you that the diary was a precious gift from you.

You can order the diary with the baby's memories HERE

2. Baby arrival countdown calendar photo frame

Only a future pregnant mother knows how exciting it is to calculate each week of pregnancy and wait with bated breath for the big moment. This photo frame is special in that it also includes a calendar that shows how many weeks pregnant the expectant mother is.

Baby Arrival Countdown Calendar Photo Frame

The frame also has a window to include the ultrasound with the first images of the baby in the womb. Just imagine how happy the future mother will be to discover this photo frame with calendar on the nightstand, every morning when she wakes up.

It is the perfect gift for the Baby Shower Party, because it suits both expectant mothers who will have a boy, as well as those who will have a girl. The dimensions of the frame are 17 cm x 15 cm.

You can order this special gift HERE

3. Photo frame with the first ultrasound

We remain in the area of ​​special photo frames for Baby Shower parties, with this special model.

Photo frame with the first ultrasound

On the left side, the future parents can place the first ultrasound with the baby growing in the belly, and on the right side, Baby's Scan is beautifully written, next to a heart. "We look forward to meeting you" - here is the message written in the lower part, a message that includes all the emotion and impatience of the parents to meet their baby. The frame can be placed on a table or desk, visible.

You can order this photo frame model HERE

4. Mother's diary for 9 months

The 9 months of pregnancy are an incredible journey for any mother-to-be. In the first trimester of pregnancy, most women experience nausea or feeling sick, but they are excited when they look in the mirror and realize that close to their heart, another heart begins to beat.

Photo frame with the first ultrasound

The 2nd trimester is usually the most beautiful, and the 3rd trimester, especially towards the end, comes with fatigue and maybe some fears. But, all 9 months are unique for a mother.

Help her keep all these precious moments in this special journal, with a wonderful cover that displays the tender image of a mother elephant and her baby elephant.

Order this journal HERE

5. Decorative pillows

Here is another beautiful gift idea: a very versatile decorative pillow, which the future mother can place in the baby's room, waiting for him with a beautiful and innocent environment. Even years from now, the pillow will be loved by the child. You can choose, for example, a pillow in the shape of a cloud on which it is written in English "Dream far, little one" or a decorative decorative pillow in the shape of a green crocodile.

Big Dream Cloudscape Mini Decorative Pillow

Decorative Baby Crocodile Pillow

With these ideas, we think you are much closer to the perfect gift for the Baby Shower Party. Come to the store or order directly online and we will quickly send the gift to the address you indicate.

Good luck!