It's October. And the month of October comes with many surprises for current and expectant mothers. One of them is the Baby Boom Show, which will take place in the Romexpo premises between October 19-22, where parents have the opportunity to discover new fascinating collections of clothes and articles for children of all ages.

It will be an unforgettable atmosphere, novelties at every step and beautiful surprises that will bring a smile to the faces of the participants. And at the end, you have the chance to go home with many products and useful tips from specialists that will contribute to the good development of your little one. Until then, let's discover together what awaits you at the Baby Boom Show and what will be the main attractions presented by the Baby Room.

What is the Baby Boom Show?

baby boom annebebe market online

The Baby Boom Show is a fair dedicated exclusively to parents, especially current and future mothers or those who want to bring a little happiness to the faces of parents through essential useful gifts at any age of their life.

In recent years, the concern for a healthy, comfortable and above all, safe environment has increased for all age groups. And on this occasion, we, at, have made sure that we meet the wishes and vast requirements to give birth to unforgettable experiences.

This time, we want to show the world what makes us different and offer the chance to review the most popular products on the market for children and babies at the moment.

The little ones are special guests of the event and will have fun testing products in a story atmosphere. And who can say precious things about the quality and benefits of our products, if not those who use them?

The Baby Boom Show brings together the biggest brands in the field and highlights new product launches, inventions, presentations, but also brings to the attention of parents and entrepreneurs numerous free courses, specialists who offer personalized advice in parenting and more, without to miss, of course, special offers and promotions on existing products or birthday packages, raffles with prizes, workshops, workshops and more.

Year after year, the Baby Boom Show brings together millions of participants and successfully manages to bring a smile to the faces of Romanians everywhere.

Why participate in the Baby Boom Show&Baby Room exhibitions?

Many surprises await you at the Baby Boom Show, which you can discover in the preview. You can touch the products, analyze them in detail and make comparisons, so that, in the end, you have the certainty that you are investing in the ideal products for you and your little ones.

An important advantage is that you will be among the first to discover the news, who will have the chance to come into contact with the latest innovations on the market, including the latest gadgets, and finally you will go home with a lot of valuable information ready to put into practice to give the best to your clients and children.

We are waiting for you there with open arms, to get to know each other, to give you essential advice for the good development of children and of course, to present you with the most tempting offers and discounts so that you can enjoy at home the coolest innovations and beautiful items.

What are the main collections you will find at the Baby Boom Show?

We have prepared for you numerous Camera Bebeluşului brand collections carefully selected for the best parents, grandparents, godparents and more. Whether you are at the beginning of the journey in terms of arranging the room of the baby or the young person in continuous development, that you are preparing to bring into the world the most important being in your life, we look forward to getting to know each other and we guide in the most beautiful journey of life. Here are the products you will discover at the Baby Boom Show.

Sets for newborns

Set of 10 pieces for newborns

To cover the needs of sensitive skin and ensure complete comfort every time you take your pup to the doctor, for a walk or simply when he is resting, at the Baby Boom Show we have prepared a vast collection of sets for you for newborns of 3, 4, 6 or even 10 pieces, which can be used from the first day of their life.

At the same time, there are also fascinating collections of baby bodysuits, knitted clothes for girls and boys, cheerfully colored overalls, all made of organic cotton or other skin-friendly materials. In our clothes, children will feel completely at ease and will be able to integrate more easily into this new magical realm of knowledge and self-development.

Christening sets

Baby Christening Set 2 Pieces Blue Checks

Because christening is one of the most important events in a child's life, but also yours, of course, the exhibition stand does not lack wonderful christening sets with the help of which the little ones will turn into princes and princesses.

You will find both individual pieces, dresses made of lace, velvet or with a veil, but also complete sets such as elegant suits for young gentlemen, sets consisting of a suit and a candle, but also kits that can be easily customized.

Baby room furniture

Furniture package 3 pieces Miele Cot + Mattress + Textile Protection Set

Even if they are too young to choose what they need and like in terms of furniture, we firmly believe that you will make the best choice when it comes to comfort and safety. The furniture in the Baby's Room is ergonomic, made of quality materials and designed to provide a wonderful experience in use.

So, the Baby Boom Show is the perfect opportunity to discover classic or co-sleeping cots, made of non-toxic materials and that ensure an optimal position during rest and a lot of safety during the day, when you take your first steps, play and admire things around. There are also chests of drawers and wardrobes or changing tables that can easily organize any wardrobe.

Cot accessories

Sweet sleep is easy to achieve when babies have the best crib accessories at hand. We consider the choice of a mattress and bed linen to be an extremely important decision, so we are ready to advise you according to the needs of your little one and we will also be introducing ergonomic, orthopedic and anti-reflux mattresses to you at the Baby Boom fair , sheets and covers with overheating protection, pillows, canopies and protectors.

Walking accessories

Undoubtedly, there will be days full of smiles and laughter outdoors, in the park and with relatives. And for that you will also need the best accessories to accompany you on your adventures.

We have prepared many maternity bags for you with numerous storage compartments in which you can carry all the essentials you need at the start of the journey, knitted blankets and blankets for cold days, but also baby carrier sets, sleeping bags, baby carriers and accessories for strollers .

Ergonomic Newborn Pillow Against Plagioencephaly Pink

Toys and play accessories

Finally, there will be no shortage of toys and playgrounds that are essential to enjoy the most beautiful childhood and that implicitly contribute to the development of cognitive skills - movement, attention to details, interaction with others, etc.

For this we have countless toys and sets for cribs, the most appreciated of course being the teething toys, the rattle and musical toys, the plush ones that can decorate the baby's room at the same time and will watch over the sweet sleep.

So, we hope that we have piqued your curiosity and that we will enjoy a fantastic experience together, between October 19-22, 2023, in Romexpo Bucharest starting at 10:00. Don't forget that you can always find us on camerabebeluș, but also in the showroom.

How do you register?

The Baby Boom Show has a specialized corner with raffles that give you the opportunity for 4 consecutive days to go home with special discounts on future purchases and new products.

Your gaze will be delighted not only by the new releases in clothes, toys and furniture for the baby's room, but also by the coolest gadgets that support the connection with your pup and help you to give him a harmonious development full of comfort.

At the Baby Boom Show you will also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a host of specialists to consult on various fears, curiosities and, why not, through which to find out the answer to all those questions on which you have now, at the beginning of the road in the "job" of parenting. You can register in just a few seconds and take a place in the free seminars and courses aimed at the good upbringing of children.